Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers were more appreciated in the past than they are nowadays. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It stands to reason that teachers play an important role in our life. They want to convey their knowledge to us in order to make an educated person. In my view teachers are appreciated the most in the past than in nowadays. Below I will come up with a number of arguments in favor of my position. First of all, presently the technologies are developed and children inclined to learn and find information from the Internet. They do not have desire to allocate time to listening to class. For example, my friend who studies in high school do not listen and do not care about his teacher who tells the lesson because instead of that he can search the title on the Internet and simultaneously receive more accurate and detailed explanation. Hence, the roles of the teachers have decreased. Secondly, in the past, we had informed, skilled teachers who were appropriate for their profession perfectly. Nowadays there are teachers who are younger and do not have experience, skills to explain the lesson or how they should treat with children. It turns out that it will cause negative consequences for children who will not acquire knowledge and also will lose their time instead of doing their pleasant things, such as playing basketball or volleyball. So, young age teachers prevail nowadays which of course can have an effect for children education. Last but least is the salary in the past was higher. Nowadays most of the teachers are dissatisfied because their salary is very low. Moreover, they convey their bad mood to children who are not guilty for their problems. So, it can have an affect to children psychology. To sum it all up, I do agree that teachers were more appreciated in the past because everybody listen to them carefully, they were professional in their work and the salary was higher.

Автор: Էմիլ Հովհաննիսյան Рубрика: Անգլերեն

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